Alt title: Sensei no Barrage

Vol: 2; Ch: 16
3.459 out of 5 from 269 votes
Rank #27,865

Long ago, the planet Industria used to be peacefully ruled by the royal family. But when an alien race invaded, the world delved into a war that's raged for the past 50 years, with no signs of stopping. Astro is an orphan who survives on the streets and does what he can to feed other children like him. But when his lookalike, the prince Bulge himself, suddenly appears, Astro's life is turned upside down! The selfish noble wishes to love a carefree life of indulgence, and he wants Astro to take his place. And after the prince is then suddenly assassinated, Astro is whisked away to the palace for his new life of politics and luxury. How will this streetwise boy handle his new role on the throne, and his new responsibility to put a stop to this decades-long war?

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