Barefoot Gen

Alt title: Hadashi no Gen

Vol: 10; Ch: 54
1972 - 1985
4.197 out of 5 from 148 votes
Rank #883
Barefoot Gen

The year is 1945, and the Japanese war effort is grinding to a halt. In Hiroshima, the Nakaoka family is working hard to survive in the midst of poverty and persecution. With his father constantly working, six year old Gen has been left in charge of his family, yet stays relentlessly optimistic in the face of hardship. Then, on August 6th, the atomic bomb Little Boy detonated in the center of town, and the people's lives were changed forever. As Gen struggles to cope with the horrific event, his youthful innocence and refusal to give up brings a renewed sense of hope to those around him...

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