Banner of the Stars (Light Novel)

Alt title: Seikai no Senki (Light Novel)

Vol: 6+
1996 - ?
4.326 out of 5 from 10 votes
Rank #2,988
Banner of the Stars (Light Novel)

You journeyed with Jint and Lafier through pain and companionship, as they forged their way through an impossible ordeal unscathed. But that adventure, though grand, was just the introduction to a larger, decades-spanning chronicle of galactic war. Join our two heroes, now bona fide starpilots appointed to a warship in an Abh Empire fleet, as they participate in their very first official military operation. They are tasked with helping defend a strategically crucial star system from the Three Nations Alliance. Complications arise, however, when they learn that their commanding officer is none other than the sister of the Abh baron they killed three years prior!

Source: J-Novel Club

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Chapter 1

Banner of the Stars: Volume 1

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