Banana no Nana

Alt title: Nana of Banana

Vol: 2; Ch: 13
2010 - 2011
3.016 out of 5 from 107 votes
Rank #13,901
Banana no Nana

In the world that consists of a single giant continent called Dokkanon, most people have some kind of special ability. Those who have a high-ranking ability, such as the ability to control water, are respected and granted much power. Those with low-ranking abilities, such as Nana, who controls bananas, and her best friend Ringo, who has super-powerful legs, have very little power in society. When Nana and Ringo were kids, they were awed by stories from Ringo's adventurer father about a land called Oz, where a god lived who could make any wish come true. Nana and Ringo swore that they would go adventuring together when they were adults. But as time went by, Ringo's father vanished while adventuring, and Ringo became much more aware of the social stigma associated with adventurers. Will the two of them find the strength and courage to follow through with their promise?

Source: MU

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thor123's avatar
thor123 Jul 6, 2016
Score 4.5/10

Nana of Banana is a manga series which probably got greenlit too soon, and as a result ended prematurely as well. Allow me to explain. Story My main pet peeve in this series is that Nana of Banana's premise is entirely built around the idea of "banana powers might be funny to see in action". Sure, you have the - rather generic - fantasy world in which people have superpowers, and where there is... read more

LadyPsychic's avatar
LadyPsychic Aug 29, 2016
Score 6.8/10

Story The story is about two girls named Nana and Ringo who go on an adventure to search for the land of Oz.  Nana has the bizzare ability to manipulate bananas while Ringo has strong legs.  As their journey progresses they meet various characters and fight several battles.  Basically, this is your typical shounen adventure story, but with some interesting twists (such as Nana's... read more



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