Bakkyuu HIT! Crash B-Daman

Vol: 3; Ch: 13
2005 - 2007
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Bakkyuu HIT! Crash B-Daman

Hitto Tamaga, an 11-year-old boy, lives in some town in Japan. He is a very unfortunate boy, whose only asset is brightness. He lives only with his father who is a B-daman researcher, but he left home several months ago, and he's been missing since then. He is living alone in a hut built on a relative’s land. Nobody celebrates his 11th birthday...except his cousin Nana who lives in the same land. One day, Hitto receives a present from the lost father, and he is very grad to know that his father remembers his birthday. It is “Crash B-daman” that he longed for. After he puts them together to complete Crash B-daman, he brings it to B-Park, or a battle field of B-daman. A battle there shows him a new way he should go.

Source: MU

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