Bad Company

Vol: 1; Ch: 10
3.91 out of 5 from 429 votes
Rank #7,003
Bad Company

A short prequel to Shounan Jun'ai Gumi and pre-prequel to GTO about how Onizuka Eikichi and Danma Ryuuji meet.

Source: MU

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I preferred the first storyline (ch. 1-4) to the second one (ch. 5-10), but they're both kinda corny and mediocre. The first storyline at least highly emphasizes the disinterest in fighting without purpose and focuses in on importance of friendship. Yes, the second storyline does try to include that as well by having that one third-year character pitifully try to goad them into fighting fem, but that's just a throwaway character so it's not nearly as interesting as when they had Ryuuji trying to pick the fights. That said, there are a lot of fights and fighting is a core part of this manga (but fighting for, I guess, righteous reasons). Other themes include motorcycles and teenage sexual yearning. There are two main female characters who show up within the story, and they both do pretty active and contributive things during the climactic moments of the story arcs. Which is only noteworthy because of how objectified they come across in much of how they're portrayed. Sakura's a girl who smilingly stares at the guys and desperately wants to be included in their activities and doesn't mind them seeing feir panties. Natsuki is eye candy and an ideal of a confident older woman which Ryuuji can put up on a pedestal, and then later heroically save and flirt with a bit. The artwork isn't all that great. The eyes often look dead and flat. Some of the mouths look tacked on (though there's also a certain smile which can look quite heartwarming). There are misproportioned body parts, like with the heads being too small for the shoulders. Many panels have minimal to no details in the backgrounds. The bikes can look nice and some of the individual panels and moments can look nice, but I still would consider the artwork more bad than good.

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