Back from Immortal World

Alt titles: Return from the World of Immortals, Xian Jie Gui Lai

Ch: 133
2018 - 2020
4.048 out of 5 from 648 votes
Rank #8,206
Back from Immortal World

The Great Emperor Xingxiu in the Immortal World, whose name on the earth was Tang Xiu, died in a disaster. After his death, part of his soul comes back to his body on the earth. To his surprise, ten thousand years in the Immortal World is only equivalent to one year on the earth.

Source: Qidian

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Recommendation - It is someting similliar to others but at the same time is different.... so i recomend it to feel the plot... IF the art was a better and the plot was not so fast ... it be master piece...  IT IS MC ABOUT WHO TRAVELED BACK TO EARTH BY DYING IN THE OTHER WORLD.. BUT ITS NOT LIKE TIME TRAVEL OR RESURRECTION ITS SOMETHING ABOUT SOUL SPLITING AND HE EXPERIENCED THE OTHER WORLD FOR 10K YEARS BUT IN THE EARTH HE WAS IN COMA AND IT ONLY LASTED 1YEAR. WHEN HE AWAKES BY DYING IN THE OTHER WORLD HE STARTS HIS ADVNETURE BY POWER LVLING BACK TO HIS ORGINAL STATE AND GATHERING COMPANIONS AND FRIENDS... AND THE PURPOSE IS REVENGE... PS...  I have a ltl bit poor english but you should understand everything i written  Overall - it is Between 6 and 7  Story - Pluses: The plot is interesting.... but similliar to other man.... similliar to resurrection to past or time travel... IT has nice emotions sometimes like sadnsess, joy or even comedy.... the climax starts at +-100ch             Minuses: The plot is a ltl bit to fast it be master piece if it go 2x slower... but well we cant do anything about that. The power lvl's are not explained so its hard to understand the power's betwen other ppl or even ppl betwen fairy world and normal....  :::: 7/10 Art -  It is okay but a ltl bit to low... the fighting scenes are poor most of the times and the visual graphics on objects items are low quility... But the + is that is not the worst like rly low quility this is almost MEDIUM for normal story.... the side characters or some support in early game... has almost no difference of appearance so late game is hard to remember them or even seperate the visuals betwen them...  ATLEAST FOR ME THE MC WAS UGLY LOL...  :::: 5.5/10 Characters - Cant say a alot about them same as i said in ART about visuals... So about the power lvling and growing it is poor and not everything is explained, but the emotions support or side characters feel for the mc are superior and its nice to see them. :::: 6/10

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