Back-Alley Pussycat

Alt title: Rojiura Pussycat

Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2019 - 2021
3.933 out of 5 from 287 votes
Rank #11,800
Back-Alley Pussycat

Soon after Nazuku meets Ayafumi, a playboy with a delinquent air about him, he finds himself trapped in the man's crushing embrace! "You feel way better on the inside than any girl." With those words, Ayafumi pronounces Nazuku his favorite. Nazuku's life is now a living hell, where he's forced to satisfy Ayafumi's "needs" to the point of passing out! Why oh why did he rescue Ayafumi and get involved in his life...? Ayafumi is rough, without a hint of kindness or consideration, and Nazuku can't seem to tell him no. But, the more they sleep together, the more their desire grows...

Source: Renta!

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