Babysitting the Male Lead

Alt title: Namjureul Imsiboho Jungimnida

Ch: 57+
2022 - ?
3.814 out of 5 from 192 votes
Rank #11,588
Babysitting the Male Lead

Rosetta Kazel is enjoying her life as the villainess of a novel, until she's given a silver wolf to be her new pet. Rosetta knows this is none other than the cursed male lead of the novel, Prince Sihael von Idris, who's become stuck in his wolf form! To follow the novel, all Rosetta has to do is look after the wolf prince until the female lead can show up. But what if events have changed so much from the novel that she never turns up? How long will Rosetta be stuck caring for this unruly pup?

Source: Tapas

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