Babel (Narumi SHIGEMATSU)

Vol: 5; Ch: 36
2012 - 2015
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Babel (Narumi SHIGEMATSU)

The year is 2050, and all books have been digitized in a virtual Bibliotek. Oreson’s dad has the job of fixing the digital books that “break”. One day a chained book is brought to the house by 3 hooded figures, and Oreson opens it at the urging of a strange man despite his father’s warning. A plume of black light consumes his father as Oreson loses consciousness, and when he comes to everything is gone. Now an adult, Oreson is training to repair the Bibliotek himself, in an effort to understand what happened all those years ago… as well as the true nature of the black light that’s consuming the Bibliotek data.

Source: MU

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