B-Class Guide

Ch: 42+
2021 - ?
4.456 out of 5 from 62 votes
Rank #1,179
B-Class Guide

A dizzying office love affair between an S-class esper and a B-class guide! Lee Jaeha, a B-class guide, had an office relationship with an esper at the same center for 3 years, but was recently done wrong. Despite breaking up with his lover, he finds himself forced to still guide him, and he applies for a transfer to a high-risk area. Surrounded by all kinds of rumors and stares, all he wants is a quiet and peaceful work life in the new center! However, Jaeha takes on the task of guiding Do Jiyoon, an S-class esper, on the verge of a rampage, and Jaeha’s work life is getting farther away from peaceful…!

Source: MU

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