Avatar: The Last Airbender - Shells

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Avatar: The Last Airbender - Shells

Sokka follows Suki as she gives a lesson in manners and encourages a young girl's strength.

Source: Dark Horse

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...really subtle form of humor that I love. Though, honestly, any form of humor is pretty nice. Humor is one of those things that can truly make a oneshot shine, since it’s not dependent on length. In this oneshot, Sokka acts as the comic relief, just as fe did in the main series. Fe’s the lovable idiot, trying to look cool (like a shell connoisseur) in front of feir girlfriend Suki. But the humor is unfortunately pretty scant in this short’un. It only really shows up in the first few pages, and then after that it starts leaning into giving readers the emotional satisfaction of seeing misogynists getting their comeuppance. It’s very heavy handed with the misogyny of the jerks and with its messaging of female empowerment. In fact, the titular “shells” end up becoming nothing but a sidenote. I will say that the way they were talking with Giya sounded more like a recruitment spiel than them genuinely caring about and respecting what Giya wanted. Sokka’s intensity about trying to convince Giya to change feir mind felt especially disrespectful. I like the art style, though it definitely has a feel of more American comics. Part of that might just be the way things are colored (and the fact that they’re colored at all…), though part of it might also be the way there are certain words bolded within the speech bubbles to indicate vocal emphasis as well as to help make the speech bubbles less monotone. The shells are a nice green and brown. And all of the coloring is very smooth and clean. The eyes are pretty basic (no glistening highlights or designs in the irises). But they do a good job of using effective shapes for the various emotions. And when zoomed out, they’ll use tiny dots...

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