Ashita no Ousama

Vol: 10; Ch: 53
4.092 out of 5 from 187 votes
Rank #2,017
Ashita no Ousama

Yuu Sasaya is a naïve, unfashionable girl from a small town and is living in Tokyo for college. She becomes fascinated by the theater after watching a play for the first time and declares that she will become an actor. Yuu manages to join a small theater troupe, but due to her lack of skills and experience she is only allowed to handle odd jobs. Her first chance to perform comes when she is given a small guest part in a play with another troupe. However, when Yuu makes a critical mistake, she is forced to face the harsh reality that even with determination she cannot become an actor without talent. She considers abandoning her theatrical dreams, but with some encouragement, she decides to change her goals and become a writer and director. Yuu must now find her own unique voice and showcase it for everyone to see while overcoming the many difficulties that lay ahead.

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