Ashigei Shoujo Komura-san

Vol: 4; Ch: 58
2018 - 2019
3.298 out of 5 from 140 votes
Rank #25,546
Ashigei Shoujo Komura-san

Flexible girl Komura prefers using her feet instead hands. Watch as she hands her crush Tsukinaga a love letter, by using her feet.

Source: MU

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Again, what more can you expect from this manga? It's a foot fetish work. So going into it, there obviously won't be some overarching story. The basic idea of boy meets acrobatic girl who uses her feet for practically everything gets old. Each chapter has the same set up; Tsukinaga sees Komura doing something with her feet, and the two get into awkward situations. In fact, Tsukinaga accidentally kissing Komura's toe sets up the whole plot; because apparently according to her familial roots, she has to marry whoever kissed her toe. As for this being a romantic can't even do that. The relationship between the two is unconvincing and is inredibly slow-paced. I just do not buy any bonding.  As for the art, well since it is obviously trying to appeal to those with foot fetishes, it does it adequately. The art isn't bad, but none of it comes off as provocative. The manga to me tries too hard to be "sexy" with Komura performing stunts that at first appear anatomically impossible. She is flexible, but that is taking it much too far past the point of disbelief. And there are scenes where her feet get sweaty which is admittedly nauseating. Just nothing about how the feet are drawn appealing in the slightest.  Characters. Both Tsukinaga and Komura are flat. Komura comes off as energetic and oftentimes naive. She isn't downright hateable, but at the same time, her main schtick is that she does several tasks with her feet. She is nothing more than a walking example of fanservice for fanservice's sake. Tsukinaga is a boring protagonist with his only unqiue trait being that he loved animals. Minor characters include the public morals officer who carried around a wooden sword. She is simply terrible. She is like that rash that annoys you and you try to scratch at but can't completely get rid of. The owner of the school shop is opportunistic and comes off as just horrible. None of the characters stand out as great and there isn't much a reason as to why you should care about them either.  This manga, as I should remind you, was really only made to appeal to people with foot fetishes, and for that, I feel it does its job. But it's a double-edged sword. It sacrifices itself catering to a very specific demographic, but that's all it has to offer.

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