Asatte ni Kiss

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2016 - 2017
4.203 out of 5 from 668 votes
Rank #5,427
Asatte ni Kiss

Hase Akihisa has just moved into town and is excited to make his transfer student debut. Determined to make sure he doesn't face the ostracization he experienced at his last school, he dyes his hair blond to look trendy and resolves to make sure no one ever finds out that he is a hardcore otaku. Then one day he finds a student reading manga on the roof and the two quickly become friends, but Hase discovers there's something a little odd about this boy Oonozuka Yuu. Just why does Yuu keep kissing him?

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As a person who has read some rather...  Interesting manga over the years in this genre, I find this one to be one of the more harmless ones.    I'll explain in details below. Story: In all honesty, this story is pretty simple.  It doesn't include consequences, but I'm alright for how far it goes.  The general story is that of a transfer student who used to be an Otaku trying to fit in and not show his obsession.  It almost all goes out the window when he meets a fellow student who not only reads one of his cherished series, but also has a rather unique personality.  The story progresses through a rather slow pace, but it's good for a story of this nature.  Most of the story takes place in the school and the drama centers more around what the two think, rather than that of the other classmates.  There are a lot of throwaway plotlines as a result, but it's an enjoyable journey. Art: The art is not something that stands out, but it's passable and doesn't hinder my enjoyment.  I do have a bit of an issue with some of the characters feeling like they are the same, but as long as the mains stand out, I can pretty much forgive it mostly for that.  I don't feel like there's anyone without a face, so that's always a good sign. Characters: I do have an issue with the characters a bit.  Most of the time there is very little to the minor characters beyond being sound boards.  For example, there's a "helpful" cupid character who never comes up after two events.  We know very little about him and I feel like he could have at least some more presence.  The mains certainly have a lot of development, but more so on the side of the transfer student and I'm not sure that was enough.  I believe they fell in love, but I don't like how short the development felt. Overall, this is an enjoyable Yaoi manga.  Just don't expect a ton of development or anything too big on character arcs.

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