Asahi, the Cheeky Crossdresser

Alt title: Asahi-kun wa, Namaiki Zakari no Otoko no Ko.

Ch: 7
2019 - 2020
4.16 out of 5 from 262 votes
Rank #6,320
Asahi, the Cheeky Crossdresser

When I took off his dress and kissed him, I got excited down there...!? The first person I want to have sex with was a "crossdresser."

Source: Coolmic

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I'm currently on chapter 21, so not sure what the real end chapter is actually. So far . . .  Story: I like the story line. The fact that Asahi ditches his "alternate persona" (basically completely) threw me off a bit, but I like his character so... meh. There's a decent amount of snu-snu, paired with a decent amount of Asahi's insecurities - just in case you were wondering and that isn't your thing. Art: I like Tarou Torimaru's art stlye, so althought it may not be the most special - I'll give it a 10. I really like Asahi's character design, especially since I tend to be a sucker for emotional bottom's facial expressions (idk bro, they're cute). Characters: Personality wise, I like the combonation here. Yugo is a bit of an airhead, but he's actually pretty observant too. Instead of a "oh my gosh, he's so dumb" airhead, it's more of a "he understands that something is wrong, and Asahi is acting weird, he just isn't able to figure out WHAT exactly it is". He's super caring, and honest - and willing to put the effort to help Asahi feel more safe/less insecure in the relationship. On the other hand, Asahi is a worrisome person. He really takes the past misunderstanding to the next level - and he strongly belives he needs to be a girl to get Yugo's affection. This finda frustrated me (I mean, they're literally in a physical relationship and Yugo is constantly in love with him), but I can tell his frustrating behavior is him doing his best to please Yugo, because he loves him. 

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