Asa to Micha

Alt title: Asa & Mitya


Interracial Couples in BLby AnnaSartin

These male x male couples are, or appear to be, of two different races. In some stories, the characters' cultural differences are explored.

Gentle semes (and sekes) in BLby AnnaSartin

The dominant members of BL couples often have no shame in being overly forceful and - let's be honest - downright rapey. For those who are tired of that trope, here is a list of yaoi and shounen-ai where the main couples aren't...

The Best "Bad Anatomy" Manga Coversby sothis

Let's face it, many artists have apparently never seen a human body before and clearly have no idea how to draw one. Gangly arms and huge hands are so common yaoi manga covers, but manhwa covers, quickly spat out Harlequin...