As You Like It, Margrave

Alt title: Tteutdaero Haseyo

Ch: 282+
2018 - ?
3.678 out of 5 from 434 votes
Rank #19,036
As You Like It, Margrave

To help Lady Selene avoid an unwanted marriage, the feisty maid Dian travels to the secluded Evenhart Castle in her stead and with her name! As she buys time for Selene, Dian seeks refuge with the Margrave, said to be a direct descendant of the legendary knight Sir Evenhart (Dian’s a BIG fan~). But even though he’s extraordinarily handsome, he’s as cold as ice. Somehow he agrees to let her stay a few days. Will her secrets (and his) be revealed? And could love blossom by the lake once again?

Source: Tapas

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