Argate Online

Vol: 6+; Ch: 50+
2017 - ?
3.671 out of 5 from 489 votes
Rank #19,962
Argate Online

Takashi Izu, a.k.a. Rikio, is playing the VRMMO called "Argate Online" as he usually does when he notices that something is wrong. He is supposed to be maxed level, but he suddenly finds himself at level 1...?! He can't log out, and there is no pain absorber. It appears that he has entered a different world where the game has become a reality. But, experiencing a fantasy world in the flesh is even more exciting than when it was a game. With his extensive knowledge of the game system and his flexible ideas, he becomes a cheat samurai who can fight in battles, create his magic, and make a lot of money in his spare time! This is a unique samurai fantasy that you will enjoy from beginning to the very end!

Source: Alpha Manga

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As of right now it seems like your standard cliché isekai manga. No variation between this and other mangas at all. Story is what you would expect. guy goes to another world, and he might have the slightest bit of personality. AKA 1/10. Art is subpar, so only a 3/10. Characters, of course, have almost no personality, so they are a 1/10.  Overall this is a 2/10 because this has about a 1% chance of actually being something good and proving my initial thoughts wrong, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt because it's still a 1/5. I would recommend trying it maybe after a few more chapters come out just to see if it gets better but at the moment I would only read it if I wanted to cringe. The first chapter started off with the standard cliché of the mc waking up in another world, randomly walking in on some random spineless girl without clothes about to get attacked, and saving her by taking down a boss much higher than his level. The only thing I could think of to make this better is if they go into town, the girl was actually some demon who then tries to kill him, and he gets crippling anxiety from the ordeal, maybe losing an arm and a leg in the process(he deserves it after the shit first chapter). He breaks out of his prison and finds out everyone was a demon trying to kill him. He kills all of them, and killing the people-like demons completely changes his personality to one that does not trust anyone as he cannot get past the fact that all the demons seemed to have souls. After that, the story would revolve around him mindelssly trying to get back out of the game, following leads, meeting people who genuinely try to help him, but pushing them away each time. Then, someone he has to talk to (maybe a guild person because all of these games have guilds) parties him up with some people that eventually help him through his crippling anxiety and help him break out of the game. However, that even sub-par plot will not be able to save this manga because judging from what we have seen, the author is either a total dumbass or a genius, and there is a very probable chance that he is just a dumbass. tl;dr i didnt have enough words to make a full review so i rambled about what I would like to see in the isekai genre.

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