Area D: Inou Ryouiki

Vol: 14; Ch: 137
2012 - 2016
3.724 out of 5 from 585 votes
Rank #16,347
Area D: Inou Ryouiki

It took 430 years for the light of a star’s supernova to reach Earth - and when it arrived, the sky lit up for twelve days and people began to change, gaining powerful superpowers that terrified the populace. Over a decade later, these individuals are rounded up against their wills and shipped to a secretive island known as “Area D”, where they’ll begin a new life with the other “Altered”. Jin and Satoru are two such Altered who find themselves aboard a ship bound for Area D, where a survival of the fittest awaits them.

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 Summary Sooooo yeah this manga is really good up to a point I would have given this a 9 if it ended sooner but for some reason the writer thought how can I milk it more. I will go into more depth but for people who want a quick yes or’s a no Story ok so you've probably read the summary so I don’t need to give you what it’s about but if you haven’t all you need to know it’s about superpower people sent to prison because their to dangerous or are a threat. The story started off good I love the fresh unique superpowers not just generic strength speed as sometimes you see. But what I have a problem is that you get so invested in this group of people and it looks like the manga’s going to end BUT no instead of the writer following this group it now follows a new character and now we are reintroduced to everything that we just read. This really upset me as a reader and now the manga is time skipped so the group who we were so invested in originally now has separated and have been "planning" something but the main protagonist has gone into hiding or in mood am not sure. Then the ending suddenly wrapped up really quickly and didn’t really make sense.  Art I really like the art but to some others might think it’s very generic but to me it’s good the characters’ look good quite realistic apart from some obvious ones (not sure if it’s part of their superpowers though). All in all I like the art the fight scenes are crisp and not just blacked out with SFX or something.  Characters  First initial group I liked some good character development, and some relatable, grounded characters.  Overall  I'd say stay clear if it went into a different line and maybe not introduce a new character and put the ones you’re so invested in on the back bench. My verdict is 4-10  

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