Arata: The Legend

Alt title: Arata Kangatari

Vol: 24; Ch: 214
2008 - 2015
3.776 out of 5 from 301 votes
Rank #6,059
Arata: The Legend

In the fantastical land of Amawakumi, a succession ceremony occurs each 30 years to pass control of the kingdom to a female heir of the Hime clan. But three decades ago, the Hime clan was unable to produce a daughter and was warned that if history repeated itself, the entire clan would be purged. Now faced with the same problem in the present, the Hime clan opts to send their disguised son Arata to the ceremony instead, unaware that he’d be sent into a trap where the former princess is murdered and the boy would be framed for the crime. Meanwhile, on Earth, Hinohara suffers a similar sense of betrayal at the hands of his classmates, and after wishing he could just disappear, he and Arata switch bodies. Now, as Arata struggles to find a way to return the two to their own worlds, Hinohara must try to escape capture, clear Arata’s name and fulfill this princess’s last wish by exposing her killers.

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AnonymousComet's avatar
AnonymousComet Apr 15, 2015
Score 8/10

A spoiler free review. Arata:The Legend is basically about the adventures of a normal guy who switches places with another guy, with the same name, from a fantastical world. The 'normal' Arata is given a powerful weapon, and ends up making friends and doing battles. The 'other' Arata(he's really funny,with how he doen't fit in) lives in the normal world, and the story gets better when villians from the fantasy... read more

BloodyRabbit0706's avatar
BloodyRabbit0706 May 1, 2019
Score 9/10

This manga is so good and has great character development and promise. Some of the characters are hard to like in the beginning but as the story progresses that's fixed. The only reason I gave the story a 9 is because it was never finished, they don't even try to do a quick finish you see often in some manga. They end it like there should be more but there isn't, this is especially painful when we were getting... read more

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