Vol: 14; Ch: 73
2009 - 2015
3.691 out of 5 from 560 votes
Rank #17,085

Alice is a high school student who faces bullying at school and abuse at home by her uncle. One day, she witnesses her uncle being killed by an assassin called "Arachnid." Thinking that she'll be killed next, Alice has no choice but to fight back. Soon after, she wakes up at Arachnid's house, and he takes her in as his deadly apprentice.

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Arachnid is about this girl who has an abusive father/uncle ( I can't remember anymore) and one day he's killed by this assassin and the main character Alice sees it so the assassin is like I must end you but Alice ends up having this rare mind thingie called .... something concentration and it makes her the candidate to be trained by the assassin in the ways of the spider and train her and then he'll have her end him and then there are like 3 people who are like I killed your mother and its just. Okay so from the get go I knew the author was a bit of a pervert with Alice's clothes constantly getting ripped but then it escalates times 1000 and its just a massive orgy which is started by the ant queen who is actually not who you think she is but if you think about it you know something is fishy and overall... This manga is just bad. The most interesting part was the information about the insects. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the abilities of the cockroach and spiders and beetles. That was fun for me. The plot though....da plot tho...its just not done well. Everything is like over the top and ridiculous and just too much for any organization to have taken place. Its like a bunch of people had ideas and they just smushed them together into this manga. And the fighting is constant. There isn't really a story, just none stop fighting. There is a plot twist at the end but everything in this manga is kinda dumb so I was just like...oh...then kept reading cause I knew I was almost done. If you enjoy mindless fighting and sexualness, this is your place.

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