Alt title: Ningyou no Kuni

Vol: 9; Ch: 54
2016 - 2021
3.686 out of 5 from 147 votes
Rank #19,467

This story takes place on the frigid, massive artificial planet known as Aposimz. Eo, Biko and Etherow, residents of the White Diamond Beam, are in the middle of combat training when suddenly a girl appears, Rebedoan Empire soldiers in hot pursuit. The girl asks for their help in keeping safe a “code” and seven mysterious “bullets.” This chance encounter marks a major shift in the fate of the entire planet...

Source: Vertical

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Review for the entire series, done volume by volume. My reviews include spoilers! Volume One The world of APOSIMZ is an interesting one. A planet with different layers to it, with the exiled living on the barren topmost layer, and the "chosen people" living in the deepest layer, the Core. The world-building was something that was pretty fascinating to me. The concept of an entire planet being a type of structure isn't new, but the way it's handled here feels unique. The plot seems like it went fairly fast, and there is a LOT of exposition in it. Once the main plot arc was set up in this volume it feels a lot like it belongs in an RPG. "Defeat all of these smaller bosses to get stronger to achieve your goal of defeating the Big Bad." This manga has a LOT of common RPG tropes actually, now that I think about it more. The concept of the frames is an interesting one, although their transformed forms feel like they came out of a 1980s kids' anime. I personally don't care for that design, but that's just my personal opinion. The art style is interesting. It's very bare bones and has a sketchy feel to it, with thin lines and very little shading. The lack of shading was a smidge annoying when looking at wide shots of landscapes since still started to blend together, making it hard to comprehend properly. While I'm not head over heels for this manga series, I am interested enough in the world that I'm curious to learn more about it. Honestly, it reminds me a lot of the video game ECHO, which is probably why I like it a little more than I thought I initially would. Volume Two Somehow, I feel like it weirdly quick pacing from the first volume has gotten worse in this one. Things fly by so quickly, it's a little hard to grasp what's going on with on. Also, every fight scene feels like I'm reading the manga equivalent of a PSO2 mission, especially with how Titania keeps popping up in Etherows HUD, in the same way, NPCS would talk to player characters via their HUD during missions. It somehow feels like a lot happened but also nothing at the same exact time. The fight scenes also feel oddly dull? I can't put my finger on it, but it feels like a bunch of posturing and not that much action. Also, one thing about the art style that has been driving me a little nuts is how some characters' eyes are drawn. Several characters look like their eyes are bugging out of their head even in neutral expressions, or they look like their eyes are painted onto their face. It's really jarring to look at. Mind you, this is a personal annoyance, but it's enough that it's bothered me the entire time reading. Volume Three I'm still mixed about how I feel about this series. This feels like so much is happening and yet nothing at all. Others have pointed out how cringy some of the dialogue can feel, and I'm inclined to agree with them. Some of the dialogue during battle scenes is giving me cheesy 1980s kids' hero cartoon vibes, yet again. They did introduce a new foe, who seems somewhat interesting. But new enemies come and go so fast, I don't expect the new guy to last long. The newest enemy's introduction felt vague and very rushed. This entire series feels rushed for some reason? I also figured out why I'm getting PSO2 NPC vibes from Titania during battles. It's because instead of letting the reader be surprised by what's coming from opponents, Titania just tells you what's going to happen right before it happens. You don't get to be surprised by much in battles, because Titania just says "That's a [x] type frame! They'll do [x] attack! Be careful!" to Etherow. It makes Titania feel like an NPC whose giving a tutorial to a new player in an MMO. The cliffhanger ending of this volume was pretty interesting. We actually get to see the newly "reborn" King, and he seems like he will be a very interesting character. At least, I hope so. Volume Four Well then, the series actually got pretty interesting in this volume! The fight scenes felt way better and much more intense than the prior volumes. This is mostly due to the fact that it wasn't over one roughly five seconds, and felt like there was some actually gravitas to the stakes in this volume. [The final chapter with the Emporer explaining how his ability works was VERY text heavy, but it was also very interesting. It was also interesting that he theorizes Etherow's ability is not what's thwarting him, but the AMB's. There's something interesting about a man who can see the future to the point he can control it getting thwarted by something as simple as "magic" bullets.] The fight Etherow has without Titania was actually interesting! It was nice to be able to see what Etherow's head space is like during a battle and how his mind works when trying to fight. Even though the battle itself was extremely short. The cliffhanger was a fairly big one, so I am interested to see how the story will continue from there! Volume Five Every time a volume starts with color illustrations, I'm struck by how much the art loses by being purely black and white. The color really adds to the art and makes it feels just better overall. I know a full-color manga isn't really feasible, but I think it would be amazing if they released a full-color edition of this series at some point. This volume introduced a new major contender, The Church. The people who make up the Church are very bizarre, and I'd say they're more like a cult. (cough cough) Is it really a weird sci-fi epic if there isn't some type of weird religion jammed into somewhere? [ Having Keira's brother be the head of this cult was a good plot move. I'm still curious about what the hell the automaton thing he "birthed" truly is. She's bizarre and we only see her use her powers every so often. Like, WHY is she using her powers like she is? Hopefully, this is expanded on later. This volume mostly has the main characters on the run, and trying to rebuild their strength. Etherow is completely out of commission and Titania is helping him heal by...peeing on him. I think it's meant to be a joke, it just feels really bizarre and a bit gross. I know it's not "actually urine" like Titania states, but still. Also, was the clone of Jute being naked really necessary? When she comes outside, the art makes a point of drawing motion lines around the clone's breasts to indict they're jiggling. Paired with the fact that this manga has only had women fully naked, and never men, it feels really weird. It's one of those "Yeah the person who wrote this is that kind of a man" moments.] This volume does suffer from the "Way too much talking, not enough doing" like previous volumes. But it's not as bad as it was in volume one. Volume Six The battle scenes are still improving, thankfully. There was more lore on the world, even though it was still pretty small. The newest addition to the party feels odd. This character feels like they were added for comic relief, and it just doesn't fit well. Also, I feel like this series just keeps adding a bunch of characters and bloating the cast. It's getting to a point where there are so many characters, it's getting difficult to remember whose who. Volume Seven God, I feel like this series cannot make up its mind about plot points. It has something large happen, only for the end before the chapter is even over. Also, what is with the mini side stories with the random villages? Some of them are interesting concepts, but they fly past so quickly, they seem pointless. [I really don't understand what the hell is up with the section where they infiltrated the city. They managed to sneak into the Capitol, only to get into a battle almost immediately, and then just leave the city. Why the hell did they bother sneaking in in the first place? Too many events that feel like they should be more impactful just go flying past, so they end up feeling meaningless.] Also, I don't like Wasabu. He's clearly supposed to be comic relief but the whole way he's written is just irritating, not funny. Ajate, the giant clone is another character that I dislike. She's literally the "Born Sexy Yesterday" trope, with her constantly showing up naked. WHY is she constantly naked? What the hell is the point of her constantly ending up naked? Volume Eight This series really needs to stop starting volumes with the equivalent of filler episodes in an anime. The fight with the random team REALLY felt like just filler. Why the HELL was one of the Frames in the random team just standing there with his entire armored dick out?! Which grew bigger in every single panel he was in? Then his dick was his actual "head", the part that held his brain? What the hell was that even? Not to mention the other Frame in the random team, when de-armored, is just running around in panties and nipple pasties? The random sexual aspects in this story are so off-putting and out of nowhere. The entire thing with the gigantic Automaton from the Church of the True Core is weirdly reminiscent of some of the crazy stuff I've seen in Chainsaw Man. [ Wasabu getting kidnapped is kind of irritating because it feels like he was only added to the group to get used later for bait. Also, Etherow's response of being so upset that Wasabu has been kidnapped by the Empire feels very out of character. Why is he getting so emotional over Wasabu, when he's only shown that he tolerates Wasabu at best? Also, I laughed when Titania goes all goddess mode and is like I̶̧͛́̚͜ ̸̰͙̞̓͝ẉ̷̆ì̶͔ͅl̶̞̗̪͒͋l̷͓͐̒ ̸͕́̐g̷̢̧̖̋̔ȑ̴̙̹͙a̸̺̮͋͗̉n̵̠̋̄̕ţ̶̖͇̏ ̴͙͓͊̇͜y̴͇̻͆o̴̻̰͌̋u̶̩̳͊̿ ̷̺̙́̊͝ả̸͍̺̺ ̴̻̳͔͛͑̃ẁ̴͖͕͕͑̕i̵̤̙̙̋s̷͚̫̩̎͗h̷̤̕ͅͅ only to see the enemy ship and instantly go "You know what, never mind, no wishes allowed". Like girl, make up your mind.] At this point, I honestly only hope we get to see what the Core actually looks like. Volume Nine That's...that's it? That's how it ends? Was this series canceled, because that ending was incredibly abrupt? The final battle felt bland and rushed. The final reveal of the Core World was actually somewhat disappointing. [The core world is basically The Matrix. But my question is, if they were all technically just digital lifeforms, how the hell did the people who decided to leave the Core all those years ago become organic beings?! That part is completely confusing me. The death of Kajiwan was also incredibly disappointing. Like, WHY did he turn basically all of the surface humans into Frame zombies? I know he was building an army, but that army ended up doing basically nothing in the end. Also, the reveal that Titania is actually the Core God was...eh. I feel like that was meant to be a huge revelation, but it was sort of obvious that Titania was a secret powerhouse.] The ending was just such a disappointment. It feels like it was supposed to be a good emotional moment, but instead, I sat there going "What just happened?".

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