"Aoi" - Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro......

Vol: 3; Ch: 15
2011 - 2012
3.583 out of 5 from 118 votes
Rank #7,913
"Aoi" - Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro......

High-school student Koremitsu Akagi finds himself attending the funeral of Hikaru Mikado, who had died in an accident during Golden Week. He's not sure why he's there, as he only exchanged a few words with Hikaru at school. However, Hikaru doesn't seem to be completely gone from the world, as he comes back as a ghost in order to fulfill a promise to Aoi Saotome, his fiancée. Since Koremitsu is the only one who can see him, he asks him to carry out his promise in his place. Complying with his request, Koremitsu tries to fulfill Hikaru's promises to the rest of his "girlfriends", helping them overcome past misunderstandings and repair broken relationships.

Source: MU

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Eiraza Feb 3, 2019
Score 6.9/10

Overall it wasnt a terrible concept. Its about a rough looking high schooler who is followed by a ghost who when that person had been alive had only met once. Now this ghost wants him to carry out his last promise to this girl. Its a cute story but overall just kinda unfulling in the end. The girth of the story is lacking, but overall not a bad read.  read more

nasro49's avatar
nasro49 Dec 27, 2015
Score 6/10

chracters are good but the story is a little boring Gost who was popular in hight school folowed a scary faced man xD and he talked to him to go out with his GF in a date hahaha read more

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