Aoharujima: Boku no Inochi wo Seishun ni Sasagu

Vol: 1+; Ch: 18+
2023 - ?
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Aoharujima: Boku no Inochi wo Seishun ni Sasagu

Ougokujima: a heavenly island where everyone, adults and students alike, can live happily and peacefully. It's said that if you can live on this island, you're sure to have a rich and fulfilling school life that will make your youth incredibly satisfying... But all of that is only the island's outward appearance. In truth, the entire island is a place of insanity, filled with nothing but believers being manipulated by a certain cult religion. Every single one of the island's inhabitants have placed their faith in... "youth"?! That's right. Apparently leading a life in which one has celebrated youth to its fullest will bring a person the closest they can possibly get to God. Thus each day, all the islanders behave as if they are the main character of their own story... But since transfer student Shuuichi Mugi has realized the truth behind this island, will he be able to avoid all the insane "stories of youth" that happen one after another, and escape from the island of cult followers?!

Source: Shogakukan

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