Aoba-kun's Confessions

Alt title: Aoba-kun ni Kikitai Koto

Vol: 8; Ch: 32
2015 - 2018
3.535 out of 5 from 200 votes
Rank #26,064
Aoba-kun's Confessions

Mayo is a high school loner who has issues with communication. She starts a peculiar job at a “Listening House,” where she silently listens to people’s problems. But her first client is Aoba-kun, the star of the basketball team who is seemingly perfect! Could Aoba-kun and his complicated situation be too much for Mayo to handle?! So begins the secret relationship between the girl who lacks communication skills and the guy who seems to have it all.

Source: Kodansha

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Aoba-kun’s Confessions is a really heartwarming and relatable manga. I like how the characters try so hard to improve themselves one step at a time. The characters learn to confront and tackle their problems.  At first, the main heroine: Mayo was a shy and timid girl that suffered from poor communication skills. She initially couldn’t summon the courage to befriend people. Mayo gets a job at a listening house so she can learn to socialize and overcome her shortcomings. The listening house is a good place for customers to vent out their frustrations, anger, and anxieties in front of the listeners. Furthermore, the listening sessions are kept private, and confidential. The situation worsens when Mayo is unfit for the job and is temporarily fired.  Aoba-kun goes to one of the listening sessions and explains to Mayo that he wants to resign from the basketball team. Mayo’s goal was to keep Aoba in the basketball team by joining as a manager. Most of the basketball players originally weren’t fond of Mayo because of her plain jane looks, and shy personality. But Mayo grows into a very likable person. Mayo slowly becomes a gentle, caring, and considerate girl. She listens to people’s problems, and offers to help them. She even empathizes with the customers’ frustrations and situations. Mayo even makes home-made mayonnaise meals to feed the thirsty appetites of the hungry athletes during practice.  Mayo eventually confesses her feelings to Aoba. After Mayo’s love confession, Aoba-kun originally thought that he can’t reciprocate anyone’s feelings or kindness. However, Aoba-kun gradually develops romantic feelings for Mayo. Aoba becomes jealous of Mayo’s closeness with his best friend: Nao, and realizes that he has a crush on Mayo. Mayo finds out that Aoba’s reason for quitting sports activities is because he loses interest, and motivation in them. Overall, the characters  Valuable Lessons from the Manga  Lesson #1 Everybody is anxious for the future. But the manga teaches us that rather than fear for the future..we should enjoy the present more. Lesson #2 After a team loss, the manga teaches us that a team is about suffering together and overcoming challenges together. It teaches us about sportsmanship and teamwork. 

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