Ao Haru Ride

Alt title: Blue Spring Ride

Vol: 13; Ch: 49
2011 - 2015
4.179 out of 5 from 5,524 votes
Rank #1,082
Ao Haru Ride

Futaba Yoshioka thought all boys were loud and obnoxious until she met Kou Tanaka in junior high. But as soon as she realized she really liked him, he had already moved away because of family issues. Now, in high school, Kou has reappeared, but is he still the same boy she fell in love with?

Source: Viz

Extra story: A Familiar Face (volume 8)

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I think yesterday I wrote a review on Blue Spring Ride the anime. Just three days have passed since I finished the anime. And then I find myself writing a review for the manga... For me, if I'm not satisfied with the anime ending (if the anime was cut off), then I would continue with the manga. Thus, I have done so for Blue Spring Ride. And all I can say really is... Damn. Manga artist and writer did a damn good job. Seriously. I can't help but say that I have fallen in love with Blue Spring Ride. Now that I finished it, I'm actually happy with the ending. See, you have two problems when reading manga. Now, everyone wants to know what happens in the end. There are times when you read too damn fast and get what you want right away, but when it's done... You feel empty inside. Then there are times when you read so damn slow (either pushing it away for some other times or slow translation updates) and feel like it's going to be forever. I have to say, I have never finished a manga two days. No, wait. More like in 5~6 hours if you add it up. SO, I will tell you that this review is going to be different from the anime review I did prior to this one. STORY *spoilers* (kinda obvious though) Back when I watched the anime, I believed that it was somewhat cliché and that I've seen animes like this before. Yadda yadda. But, when I reading the manga, I was all like, "Man, this is interesting!" I couldn't stop. Literally. You know someone is unhealthily attached to a manga when they finish it in a day or two. *cough* Me *cough*. I think that the anime doesn't the the story good, because everything was cut too short. The manga was able to show the true colors of the plot, which made it so much more enjoyable. I know, I know. There will be a love triangle. As most rom-com mangas have. Cliché? Yes. But, it was interpreted wonderfully. All the bumps and tears that came along Futaba and Kou's way were just leading up to the strong couple that the story ended with. I give it a 8.5, which is somewhat higher than the story score I gave on the anime review, simply because the manga's finished story gave Blue Spring Ride at least some of an identity and difference from other rom-com mangas. ART I don't know how to stress it enough, but I'm just absolutely in love with the manga art. The anime art was beautiful too, but I think that the manga art was even better. Finally, four years have complied into 49 chapters (+2 extras.). I'm kinda glad that it took four years(?) Odd, I know, but when you look at it, I think that the artwork became more developed over the years. I'm pretty sure a manga artist would feel more satisfied with his/her work if he/she took the time. I know tht there are manga artists that update weekly (Naruto Shippuden and the sequel for example). And I feel like some of the artwork is just kind of, I dunno, rushed? Then again, its manga and it delivers feelz, so I don't really mind. ^^ On another note, I especially like the water-colored front covers of Blue Spring Ride. <3 CHARACTERS *SPOILERS* I won't be talking about all the characters, but rather the people who really stuck out to me the most in this manga series. Ughhh... Don't get me started on Kou. Why does he have to be so absolutely perfect. Well he is imperfect, but I think he's perfect. (Like Futaba? WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE). I'm just kidding. You just have this great guy who is really all broken inside, and this girl just makes it all better for him. I'm sorry. That sounded weird. In actuality, Futaba (as well as her friends) made Kou realize the importance of moving and and new memories. Kou was honestly the type of person to take things on himself. Because his mother died and he had to live alone, he often 'carried the burden' without even realizing it. Kou really just needed a slap in the face from good friends. Really really good friends. I'm so glad that I got to see Kou develop into someone who can show his emotions, especially to the ones he loves. I think one of the best characters out there was Aya-kun, or Kominato, as he is referred to by Futaba and the rest of them. In the beginning, I didn't like him. I thought was just being annoying to Murao and rude to the group. I think the turning point for my view on Kominato was when he got mad at the advanced class for "making fun of his friend" (Eheheh... Kou). It really got to me that he actually cared about Kou. Even when he found out that Futaba and Kikuchi were going out, he kept cheering Kou on. Kominato makes Kou realize how important Futaba was actually to him. THANK YOU KOMINATO. Another character I want to touch up on is Kikuchi. He was only introduced in the anime as "the guy whose dick got accidentally touched by Futaba." Not a nice way to meet someone. Reallyyy weird. Especially because this isn't some ecchi manga... Riiight? Anyway, what can I say? Oh yeah. Kikuchi is perfect. I know I said that Kou was perfect, but Kikuchi is seriously perfect. There is nothing that Kikuchi did that was wrong. At all. He is literally the perfect guy. Yeah, he's good looking but his personality was just... So unreal. Like wow. He was always understanding, straight to the point, and most of all, he made it obvious that he really loved Futaba. But, then again my poor canon heart cannot help but be against his relationship with Futaba. I mean it was beautiful while it lasted...? Ahh, as all things. I think Blue Spring Ride was beautiful while it lasted. It really sucks that it's over right now. Some part of me just wants there to be more chapters, but then I'm just glad the it ended happy. I couldn't have hoped for a more beautiful ending. I pretty much cried when it was over, really. Tears of joy. I guess.


(I WOULD LIKE TO SAY THAT I HAVE TRANSLATED MY OWN REVIEW INTO A TRANSLATOR SINCE ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE. SORRY FOR THE MISTAKES!) I have not yet finished reading all the manga so I will extend to what I have already read (that is until the tenth manga). Masterpiece. Apart from this I can say nothing but add that it is one of the best shoujo ever written. Moreover I can absolutely confirm that the manga is 100 times better than the anime also because the latter completely cuts the story (we say that it stops only at the third manga or fourth manga if I’m not mistaken) and does not have all those twists that take place in the manga. From the story of life and romantic problems and not of the protagonist, Futaba, to trying to understand what Ko thinks, the story always seems to have new twists and some new character with their story. Then, to add something else, the manga has episodes that talk about the various love problems of their friends that amuse the story a little and make you passionate at the end to all the main characters or even secondary. I love how the story is never flat and you never get bored because between an episode and the other is also told what do the friends of the protagonist in the meantime that she has her quarrels with Ko and Kikuchi (such as Murao and Yoichi, Ko’s brother, or between makita and Kikuchi’s friend). In short, he lets you know everything about everyone in such a way that you fall in love with all the characters. Then I really like it as with the passing of time you can more and more understand what futaba thinks or tries.

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