Ao-chan Can't Study!

Alt title: Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

Vol: 8; Ch: 36
2015 - 2018
3.691 out of 5 from 215 votes
Rank #18,263
Ao-chan Can't Study!

When Ao was in kindergarten, she smiled ear-to-ear as she told her classmates how her father (a bestselling erotic author) chose her name: “A as in apple and O as in orgy!” That day still haunts her ten years later as she studies with a single goal in mind: get into an elite university and achieve independence from her father once and for all. She has no youth to misspend and no time to think about boys … until her classmate, “King Normie” Kijima, approaches her with a shocking confession of love. She tries to lose Kijima, but he just can’t take a hint … and as her mind runs wild with impure thoughts, she realizes her father has totally influenced her!

Source: Kodansha

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The series is about Ao-chan who's name comes from A for apple and O for Orgy. Why you ask? well because the father is a dipshit of course. The father (Well at least he exists) is a very famous erotic novelist and has no intentions of hiding it. As such she has been ostracized from her peers. Now she doesn't talk with them, doesn't interact with them. All she does is study so she can get into a great college and be as far away from her father as possible. And honestly I'm on her side. The dad brought the series down. None of his comedy worked and his chibi form was kind of immersion breaking. The series kicks off with our male lead trying desperately to talk to our FMC. But she's having none of it. Why you ask? Well stop asking.... She grew up reading the pornos her dad wrote and as such she basically thinks that all men are nothing but horny filled predators that think about sex all the time. Which is totally not true as a man myself I only think about sex a respectable 69% of the time. So you have these gags throughout the series where she misunderstands what his intentions are as to being sex related. As someone said. Everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power. Yeah that quote may seem completely out of place and that's because it is. I wanted to add this for my anime review but i forgot. So during this push and pull relationship where the female lead tries to avoid the MMC because he can only think of dick presumably. The male lead tries to make the female lead like him so they can finally do all the things they can do. In a sense now that i type that out the FMC was right wasn't she? Like the thing he constantly backs off because you know he likes her but he does still wanna do all those things.... I think where this story starts to lose me is when both of the characters feelings get noticed right? Both of them being to like each other and accept that. So whats with all the bullshit in between? Thats where this series starts slipping. It doesn't like straight up nose dive in quality but it is noticeable and it sucks that this is the case. I think with more bolder characters this could've been more exciting. There is a sequel to this series so that might be exactly what i wished for. There is also this issue with side characters romance(?). There are introduced. It is shipped but then it doesn't go anywhere. There is also this friends thing that has no real impact on the plot what so ever. Like whats up with that. In the end i enjoyed this series but i'm also disappointed in it. It looked like it could've had the potential to be more. If you watched the anime and want more of that sure. But if you are expecting a little bit more variety something more dynamic than you may want to stop there. TLDR: From the maker of We're new at this. Enjoyable just not a must read or anything. 6/10

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