Vol: 7; Ch: 51
2001 - 2004
3.675 out of 5 from 53 votes
Rank #17,918

Anuki is a boy caught in a war between two countries. When he was small he was abandoned by his father so that a princess could be saved. This event triggered amnesia in Anuki, as such, he doesn't remember his childhood. As he grows up he decides to join a flight of mercenary units to be trained as a pilot so that he can help in the war, there he becomes the ace pilot and is highly acclaimed for his skills. But is he fighting for the right side?

Source: MU

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The manga starts of fairly chaotically in mid war between two nations when an airbase is under attack, the main character Anuki si there with his father and so is the princess of their nation, to make a short story even shorter, the plane his father is flying to get away with the princes and his son is shot and he can't make it with all the weight which leads to the decision to tell his son to get the parachute and jump, leaving him behind, the parachute gets shot, he falls in the water and is saved by a fisherman and his daughter, they are both residents of a 3rd neutral nation and decide to take the boy with them, after Anuki recovers he apparently suffers from amnesia and from there on we follow his life as the story goes.I'll start by saying that this is a fairly good manga but ....The big problem with this manga is that it felt rushed, unfinished, I don't know if there were problems with the publisher, if they wanted to cancel it or whatever happened and the author was forced to end it in some way, since I don't read much on that or care to be honest. I do however know that the manga's ending is one of the worse endings I've seen in my life, very anticlimactic and it comes out of nowhere, leaving you with more questions then answers and giving you a brief summary of what happened after the last battle and how the war ended, suffice to say however that it brings no satisfaction whatsoever.The second problem is that at times it feels very chaotic, I guess this makes sense since dogfights like those depicted in this manga are chaotic in nature, but more often then not  it makes it hard to understand what's going on.The art is for the most part good and I don't have any major complaints except for the above mentioned.Characters are well portraid, they have realistic personalities and their troubles, doubts and general drama in the story are well written, for the most part I really was beginning to believe that this would be a classic, that was until the ending however, an ending that basically kills everything the manga build up, comes out of nowhere, is short and resolves nothing, leaving the reader as confused as Anuki was at the end, "just what the hell were we reading for ?"It's hard for me to recommend this manga, it is true that it has some good moments and it is written well for most of the early to late mid but it just crumbles to the end and it is a guaranteed disappointment.

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