Vol: 1; Ch: 6
2.894 out of 5 from 73 votes
Rank #15,635

There is a special organization known as "anonymous" which takes children and raises them without names, without feelings, without souls. Then it sends them out to kill. Can emotions get through to these cold-hearted killers?

Source: MU

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AngelBeatsYui Jul 24, 2016
Score 6/10

Warning this Review May Contain Spoilers- So here we have an episodic manga following the story of children who have been bought up to fight and use guns, and so on. This was a manga I wasn't a big fan of the layout and there were so many characters to keep track of. I'll just say it's a manga that is similar to a collection but in the same setting and location, time period etc. STORY Too much, too quickly... read more



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