Ano Oni Kyoushi ga Boku no Ane ni Narun desu ka?

Alt title: That Demonic Teacher Will Be My Sister?

Vol: 2+; Ch: 17+
2020 - ?
3.62 out of 5 from 93 votes
Rank #19,295
Ano Oni Kyoushi ga Boku no Ane ni Narun desu ka?

Follows a boy who is initially overjoyed at the news of him having an older sister due to his father remarrying to a woman who has a daughter, until he finds out that his new sister is actually his school's strict PE teacher, Shina. With his father going off to live with his new wife, the boy will live with alone with his new sister. In their new life together, the boy finds out that Shina at work is completely different from Shina at home: clumsy, scared of insects, and kind.

Source: ANN

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This woman is either 1) a predator attempting to groom this boy to be more and more comfortable with feir sexual advances, or 2) an absolute idiot. And I honestly don't think the author has a clear idea of which one it is. Maybe both. Probably both, honestly, cause there are times when the woman seems to genuinely (and stupidly) not understand why certain actions are inappropriate, but there are also times when fe offers kisses or going on a date as rewards (while seemingly aware that those aren't the types of activities which siblings would engage in). And it's not as though it's portrayed as a character arc either--where the woman's intentions toward the boy shifts over time--and is instead just a muddled mess. I can say, though, that this woman is clearly emotionally manipulative and uses drastic shifts in emotions and an unyielding nature to get the boy to agree to doing things despite the boy feeling uncomfortable. Anyway, the characerizations within this manga (especially of the teacher/step-sister) are so god-awful and divorced from reality that it has made it completely unappealing to me. It's clearly intending to satisfy a fetish. But the fetish is weirdly specific toward not only an older step-sister, but an older step-sister who has sexual urges toward feir step-sibling but who is also somewhat ignorant of those same sexual urges which fe has and is also somewhat immature. And, I mean...I don't want to kink-shame or anything, but that hyper-specificity the author has chosen to use makes it so the target audience is a much smaller group than just readers who might be into the idea of step-siblings fucking. And for those of us who don't fall into that niche target audience, it'll just be a series of shallow plotlines and bad characterizations and kinda ecchi pictures. I also personally tend to find adults acting immature to be more annoying than cute, but I know there are many people who have the opposite view. Also, for a story with the central premise supposedly being the juxtaposition of a student-teacher relationship and a sibling-lover relationship, there has been very little focus on the student-teacher side of things. Almost every chapter focuses on their home life together, with only a few instances of them doing school-related stuff (with most of those school-related instances only being cheap excuses to include some private "training" or whatever). I don't care for the artwork. It's simplistic. It lacks texturing and details in the backgrounds. The hair and eyes and mouth-shape of the primary woman all look weird. Many aspects can feel misproportioned at times. And the "humph" face that is intended to be cute, I don't personally find to be cute (at least on this character and with this artist's skill level). [Reviewed at chapter 16]

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