Ankoku Delta

Vol: 1+; Ch: 10+
2024 - ?
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Ankoku Delta

In the otherworldly city of Delta, its grotesque residents sustain themselves by consuming human energy...!

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The core idea of an alternate dimension that harvests the energy from humans is a solid one. And that coupled with the inhabitants of that dimension only being able to see humans who are experiencing negative emotions is also pretty cool. But beyond those two ideas, I'd say that the dimension of Delta has extremely shallow worldbuilding and is quite bland. What other resources are available to them (such as the resources they use for their clothes and buildings) and what is their culture like? Music, plays, games, and many other things don't require any resources beyond people, and yet we don't see signs of those sorts of things taking place. Also, as an example of dumbness, the standard way they have of dealing with the "floating people" problem (ch. 2) seems ridiculously inefficient. Why build an entire building instead of just having mobile scaffolding or somesuch that would allow for adaptability? I dunno. It's just very clear that the author had a decent premise, but then just left it half-baked and tried to justify leaving it that way by saying that's just part of how Delta is. The author also is horrible at writing dialogue. It feels like the majority of the dialogue is just narration, where the author is hamfistedly trying to get across some of the plot points and worldbuilding concepts. Connected to this is the fact that none of the characters feel like actual people. When they have any sort of personality (rather than just saying stock lines to progress the plot), that personality feels like an armchair psychologist's idea of what peoples' motives are. Some of the ways the author has the Delta denizens manipulate negative emotions also feel like very shallow attempts at societal commentary. Religion is "one of the oldest methods that [they] use to manipulate humans." "All large-scale events in human history are linked to these lifeforms." Like, I understand that the idea of shadowy forces manipulating things is a common trope, and is probably exciting on some level. But it also minimizes human agency and oversimplifies the complicated power struggles and cultural adaptations that have shaped real-life human history down to a singular, puppeteering source. It's a bit childish, I guess is what I'm saying. [Reviewed at chapter 10]

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