Anime ga Oshigoto!

Alt title: My Work is Animation!

Vol: 7; Ch: 42
2004 - 2007
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Anime ga Oshigoto!

Ichino Fukuyama and her fraternal twin brother Nita are animators! Once they graduated from high school, they followed their dreams to Tokyo and joined the Memochi Pro anime company! They refused to let the warnings of their parents and friends keep them from accomplishing their goals. However, it turns out that being an animator is actually a difficult dream to accomplish, with lots of job pressure, deadlines, low-pay, and no job security. On top of that, Ichino discovers that many of the other female workers don't even like to watch anime, and are embarrassed to be caught even talking about it. Ichino and Nita continue to give it their all, and stretch their meager paychecks as far as possible, all to accomplish their dreams of becoming successful animators!

Source: MU

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