Vol: 8; Ch: 40
2009 - 2012
3.65 out of 5 from 10 votes
Rank #20,161

Takatoki is a high-school boy with an intense obsession for manga and anime. He desperately wants a typical anime romance with a girl who falls into a typical female anime stereotype. His childhood friend Chiyoko, a very unladylike girl who is a notorious fighter, tries in vain to get his mind back to reality. One day, the two of them run into a girl in a sailor schoolgirl outfit being threatened by a generic band of thugs. As Chiyoko beats up the thugs, Takatoki learns that the girl, Asadzuma Youtsugi, is a cosplayer who wants to lead the life of an anime character. Was this Takatoki's fated first encounter with his future anime lover!?

Source: MU

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