Angelic Layer

Alt title: Kidou Tenshi Angelic Layer

Vol: 5; Ch: 28
1998 - 2001
3.518 out of 5 from 787 votes
Rank #26,819
Angelic Layer

Misaki Suzuhara is a young girl who traveled to Tokyo to live with a relative, but ended up becoming involved in the greatest game of all time: Angelic Layer! In this fast-paced competition, players customize dolls and fight them in arenas of all sizes, hoping to gain experience and perhaps win the greatest tournament of them all! With new friends to meet and new enemies to defeat, the best time of Misaki's life seems to be just beginning. Join Misaki as she struggles to be the best, even in the face of overwhelming odds.

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Angelic Layer is a short five volume manga by CLAMP. It stars a young girl named Misakichi and her newfound love for a futuristic robot fighting game known as Angelic Layer, and her journey traveling up through the ranks and fighting against new and more challenging opponents each battle she has.  Angelic Layer is nothing close to being a masterpiece, nor is it close to being utter shit either. It's basically what could be called average. I wouldn't label it as bad average though, it's definitely a good average. The story itself really isn't that original, but it's interesting enough to catch a reader's eye. It wasn't the angelic fights and Misakichi herself that kept me reading, it was the small twists and turns the authors would drop in every once in awhile that would cause me to keep reading. And I liked that.  The art really is adorable. There's not many other words that could be used to describe it, though. Sometimes the fight sequences are illustrated somewhat vaguely, but I don't see a large overwhelming problem with that.  As for the characters, I wasn't a huge fan of the main ones, such as Misakichi and Icchan and her friends and blah. The characters I really liked were the minor/supporting ones. I really liked Kaede and Ohjiro, as well as Sai and Madoka. That was another thing I really liked about the series. One major thing that I didn[t like is how easily Misakichi was able to win and 'land hits' against these 'amazing' and 'experienced' others, after only having literally just started the game. All she really had to do was figure out their secrets and come up with some ultra creative move to win, which seemed truly illogical and silly to me. Overall, Angelic Layer really isn't special. It's a pretty short read and can be pretty enjoyable and even heartwarming at times. It's a good thing to read if you have a lot of free time because you can get it done quickly. The small details here and there and some of the supporting characters are really what makes the series interesting, in my opinion. I reccomend Angelic Layer to the somewhat younger audience of otaku-ism, however. You can still read it if you're not as young, I just believe myself that younger teenagers and such would appreciate and enjoy it more than older teenagers/young adults. 

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