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Alt title: Angelic Lady

Angel or Villainess
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Dec 11, 2020

Once Upon a Time, the main character loved a lower arisocratic woman who was a family friend, almost like a sister to her.  She thought she was beautiful inside and out, and wanted her to be happy, would have given anything for it.  Only to find out in the end that that beautiful girl was only pretty on the outside, and on the inside was despicable.  Having taken the MC's kindness as 'demeaning pity' she took advantage of it ruthlessly to make her way to being a princess by marriage.  As the cherry on top, she also accused the MC and her family of high treason, which she didn't even have to do to become the princess... she did it out of pure, loathesome spite.  Despite the MC's family taking her in when her father died, tsk. tsk. 

Forced to the gallows, the MC finds out her necklace is super duper special magical and she can make a single wish on it~ yay~ that's definitely not cliche at all, but whatever.  Boop- time travel.  Which is where the real story begins and the MC's quest for revenge starts.  If nothing else, I do like the subtle revenge route, of the MC slowly showing everyone the true colors of the antagonist and manipulating people to be on her (the MC's) side instead of stupidly bullying the antagonist and getting caught, but that's about it.   

The story is short and rather rushed, like the author was making sure to cram all of their story into as few chapters as they could.  It's also very cliche, as there are plenty of time-travel-revenge cookie-cutter stories out there with similar characters (oh look, its the maid that's secretly also an assassin, oh look, the father who doesn't care actually cares a lot and just has trouble expressing his emotions bc he's a man, oh look, you get my point.) only this cliche story doesn't even have the best art to go with all that, lol.

No, actually, hear me out here (mini art rant, you don't have to read this unless you're like 'why is the art score so low???') You can get art programs with 3D drawing models to help you with poses pretty cheaply and I recognize these models from CSP, sometimes straight up with the default expressions you can 'stick' on their faces, I really think the artist literally took the 3D models and edited them to be their characters, and barely shaded them after posing them, using a filter.  Like, you can tell, okay?  If you're an artist, you can really, really tell what's copy-pasted and what's actually freehand.  They made use of blur tools and various filters but I doubt they can actually draw at all and it really, really bothers me.  I think people who aren't even artists would be able to tell, if they actually looked at the panels.  Flippin fraud is what it is.  Clunky and lazy and unfinished.  That is NOT what those models are meant for!!! Ugh!  (Sorry about the rant)

Overall, the manhwa is a bit below average in my opinion, but it's not the worst read by a long shot.

6/10 story
2/10 art
4/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Feb 8, 2021

I had already read the novel, but even so this adaptation did not expect it this way. I feel like she missed crucial parts and important details of the novel, yet it is still too early to judge her in that area.

The story itself is quite cliche, we've already read the same formula thousands of times, but even so the way in which the characters and their relationships are worked seems appropriate. Perhaps what is missing is a little more difficulty for the protagonist, but even so in general aspects it is still an entertaining work to read.

About art, I will simply say that I was quite disappointed, it was not what I expected. I hope it improves throughout the story.

(I'm sorry if there's any problem,  English isn't  my first language)

8.5/10 story
2/10 art
7/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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Jun 2, 2021

The art hurts my eyes, the story itself brings nothing new to the table it's basically soap opera for tweens

?/10 story
0.1/10 art
?/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Sep 12, 2022

So let me start by saying the story is basic. If you like time travel revenge you can get some enjoyment out of it since it's not the absolute worst. 

🚩Spoilers I mean you don't read reviews unless you want spoilers or to know if other people hate it also be honest 🚩

Everyone is complaining about the art which I mean its neither hear nor there unless you are like me who just demands bare minimum I could not care about the character I'm more of a person who looks at clothing and fashion for these. So let me just say boy they did it they did the corset arch I hate so much. I just want one of these $h*** stories to actually properly teach women the correct way to wear one instead of sh**ting on them. That isn't cool. If they were so bad they would go the way of putting poison in the eyes for bigger doll like eyes or foot binding (yeah you remember that let's skip that and crap on western fashion trends that obviously non of these writers understand). You think that woupd upset no obvious it doesn't upset until you look out half of the out 98% of the fashion all the characters are wearing are corset dresses or have obvious corset under them. Yet those no brain having writing team decided to let that plot line slide and not double check the fashion of they are wearing.

I also hate that they go back and forth with blaming the corset and trying to be righteous when in reality they could have you know just blame the villainess popularity and poor choice of simple minded people who looked at a person and decide to wear clothing wrong. I mean it doesn't justify the crappy plot line and the art work legit going against it but holy cow crap dont show me corset dress and say they don't exist do you not understand that people can research that ThE DrEsS AlReAdY HaS A CoRsEt you absolute morons.

Stop insulting your readers. I blame everyone if that's in the novel and they describe the fashion that way (no I'm not reading a book because if I want to read I book I would not be reading this peice of intelligence insult) then I'm blaming both sets of teams. But I'm really blaming everyone for not catching that also the original author like have enough pride in your work to never let anyone disrespect you to think you don't understand what you are talking about. So literally everyone from the top down didn't catch that and if you don't know anything about fashion than please don't ever make it a literal good chunk of your story, research or don't do it. 

5/10 story
3/10 art
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Nov 27, 2022

Fl is too rash and behaves like she knows everything.the same common plots.not very interesting 

3/10 story
5/10 art
2/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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