Angel Bank

Alt title: Angel Bank: Dragon Zakura Gaiden

Vol: 14; Ch: 125
2007 - 2010
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Angel Bank

Ino Mamako is an English teacher at Ryuuzan High School. She's 32 years old, and she's starting to tire of teaching. She feels that if she wants her life to take a different course, now is the time to make the necessary changes. However, she has to face some hard facts concerning her worth in the job market and the difficulty of switching careers in Japan. She is introduced to Ebisawa Yasuo, an 'occupational change agent' who advises people on how to successfully switch careers. After she carefully analyzes her own position, Yasuo offers her a surprise-- he suggests she could become an occupational change agent herself. Now Ino Mamako has found a new course for her own life, helping other people to successfully change their own paths! 

Source: MU

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