Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou

Vol: 4; Ch: 20
2009 - 2011
4.038 out of 5 from 284 votes
Rank #3,773
Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou

Seri is a very happy, simple girl. The only thing that bothers her is her marriage to her fiancee, the super-obocchama, Yuzuki! While they both repel each other, Seri happens to notice the strange creatures behind Yuzuki!!

Source: MU

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This manga really surprised me. I just started it to pass some time and it ended up to be way more amazing than I'd ever thought. First, the story: I really loved it, it's not the classical lovey-dovey love story, it revolves much around japanese traditional "mythology" (if you can call it so) without being settled in the past, and all that keeping according to the traditional superstitions (for as far as i now). That by itself is already a pretty rare thing to find.Then again the story managed to keep perfectly clear and absolutely coherent despite all the twists in the plot. Really, it's hard to find something with a plot complicated enough to be interesting but still perfectly understandable, with no doubts left nor flaws of coherence.And then, another good point: the lenght. This manga has the perfect lenght for his type: long enough to well-develope the story, not as long as to start boring or confusing people.Oh, and it also had the best ending you could ever imagine, it really relieved me and warmed me up. Now, the art. The first impression was that of a bit old-fashioned style and it got me quite disappointed. But in a short time I got used to it (and realised it really was the best-suited style for this kind of story) and I started to really like it, I could also say to love it. It really is amazing the way the author draws some things, expecially the scary scenes with the curse. Well, the characters: what can I say? They were awesome and really well built. Finally a female heroine which is an adult and acts like one, not like a spoiled and insecure little girl. I loved them all, even the curse, the antagonist (my favourite one was probably the youngest ancestor, even if he didn't show much). To end it all (because I've already written way to much), just a few words: read it. Absolutely.It is definitely worth it :)

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