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Alt title: Virgin na Kankei

An Innocent Relationship
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Dec 7, 2021

This is soooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad idk how to make review of this story is terrible romance part kicks in probably around chapter 35 or so untile then it doesnt make any sence. So its like this MC fckes random girl next day she is his boss then for no reson at all they starting loving each other. But the problem is this every time FMC see MC with a girl then she ´dumps ´ him then MC goes sleep with random girl then somehow magicly he gets to situation where he is with FMC they fck and they good again and this thing is going on and on basicly nearly till the end its just so stupid. I would understand if they were just fckbuddys but no they love eachother from start thats so off while reading this. Only last idk 11 chapters felt like story.  So yes as you might guess all of this is just hentai.

And god if art was good then at least s*x would feel good to look at but this thing looks like shiet. The problem is not that its an old style art. This thing came in 2001 sothats not excuse that it looks like shiet jsut look at others that came around that time or just look at Berserk that thing came 1989. Half of the panels feel like they not finnished since there is so much white space and a lot of times backround and some part from character or theire clothing starts getting into one thing so garbage... And that censoreship ... cmon just look at hentais from that peroid and copy theire thing or even better dont put s*x in there and focus on story...

Characters as you might think from reading story part of this review they bad MC is totaly missing his personalitie and lot of his actions are just not even stupid they just pointless. FMC is only one that is doing something but since theire relationship is so badly writen i cant even like her. And sidecharacters well they are like MC but even worst the one maybe that stands out is that girl that was staing with MC at the end of the story but andis probably the only one i cared about in this manga...

Overall this is just waste of time reading itnothing is done nearly right  things i liked was ending and those dates were fun. 

4/10 story
2/10 art
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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