An Innocent Puppy Meets A Two-Faced Cat

Alt title: Mujaki na Wanko to Nekokaburi

Vol: 1; Ch: 5
2015 - 2016
3.861 out of 5 from 482 votes
Rank #8,911
An Innocent Puppy Meets A Two-Faced Cat

A mild-mannered gentleman, good at his job, and reliable; Naohito's been wearing his mask of "perfection" for so long it's become as easy as breathing. That is, until he meets HIM. At the behest of a childhood friend, Naohito grudgingly attends a singles party for twenty- and thirty-somethings. With zero interest in mingling with the crowd, Naohito sits off on his own - and meets a much younger man, Tohru Akasaka, who clings to him like a puppy. Naohito's barely able to cope with Tohru's youthful energy, and they go their separate ways... but in a twist of fate, end up meeting again. Naohito's life is flipped upside down by his companion. Will he give into this young man and let his mask drop!? 

Source: Renta

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