An Eye for an Eye

Alt title: Dear Boy

Ch: 75
2014 - 2016
3.894 out of 5 from 153 votes
Rank #6,130
An Eye for an Eye

A story of bitterness, hate, and revenge... Callous to the pains of his classmate being bullied by punks, Yongju oneday finds himself the target. When Yongju's attempt to get back at the bullies goes terribly wrong, his brother Yong Jin pledges to enact justice - setting him on a methodical yet twisted path bent on ruthless vengeance.

Source: Lehzin

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Super satisfying it's not one of those where the people at the end  magically change and do a whole 180 and it turns into a kind "meaningful" ending. There was significant character growth (kind of? there wasn't much to change on some lmao) and I felt the characters actually got what they deserve throughout the story. I feel like this would be more popular if it had a flashier cover but that's just me. Also sometimes I feel like the art tried to dramatisize some of the expressions a bit much which made it satisfying for me but for others it might just seem silly lol. And some of the characters are just so OP but I guess that's just what you get when you read a manga -3-. Oh i almost forgot but the school makes so uGH i know they probably just tried to "exaggerate" (that wasn't meant to dismiss the actual real world problems i just didn't know what other word would fit :,) the problems that people in school deal with especially when the schools don't do anything to help but a kid "jumped" off a roof and the principal trying to keep everything hush hush and making up excuses for the incident i just UGHHH. Anyways would give it 10/10 but it doesn't have that BOOM factor although it's very close to having it, it doesn't give me that feeling of having a heart attack at some points but also that's probably cause the story isn't meant to be that way oop- This is getting confusing anyways I would highly recommend you to read this if you aren't super sensitive to emotional things or violence! Everything about this story is so so good and it doesn't have the popularity it deserves!!

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