An Adult's Experiences

Ch: 30
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An Adult's Experiences

"I'll do whatever you want so experience as much as you want!" Joon-shik, a contracted librarian, has given up on dating women because of an accumulated disappointment towards the women who have left him due to his job title.

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It'll be hard to review this without spoiling the end, although it's a pretty predictable ending. Still, I'll try. STORY: Bland in a lot of ways, but enticing in others. It drew me in well enough, and even after I realized where it was going it was enough of a hook to keep me going until the end. The problem is it is incredibly predictable and formulaic, but it realizes this and tries to be 'unique' by throwing in a few twists that just drag out the length without actually changing the predictable outcome. ART: The best part of this work - and really the only redeemable part. The art is top-notch, with crisp imagery, beatuful colors, and detail in every piece. The art is the the only thing I can recommend about this manhwa, but I do recommend it for this art. Characters: The weakest point in the work. The characters are very flat and hardly believeable, with little to no character development. There's nothing to get you invested in the characters, and nothing that provides a meaningful look into their motives. They simply serve as sexy flesh-vessels to carry out the 'plot'. Their actions don't align with any meaningful sense of a personality and they frequently contradict themselves just in the interest of prolonging the inevitable. It's not even that the hypocrisy can be handwaved as 'horny-brain', because they even turn down sex in certain situations when it doesn't suit the 'plot' Overall: A really mediocre story with awful characters, but stunning art. If you're into the typical by-the-books romance story formula with no compelling uniqueness, it's well worth your time because the art is amazing. But if you were hoping for a real story that just has a romance/sex plot intertwined, you'll be sorely disappointed. A note on maturity Tags: That Borderline H tag is most certainly well deserved. Everything is on full display, in every single chapter of the work. Even the 'censored' man parts leave very little to the imagination, enough such that I'm surprised it made it to print.

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