Amongst Us

Ch: 48+
2017 - ?
4.288 out of 5 from 149 votes
Rank #368
Amongst Us

The stoic cellist, and the brazen conductor she fell for. Together, they navigate the slight dumpster fires that they somehow create out of their daily lives.

Source: Webtoon

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Am I still awake? Let's try to get this review out while I'm still semi-conscious. so, like, blackbird's the one who talks to the Veloce and Velce is the one that gets talked to, you know what iIm saying/ its like da plankzdsa-- zxbzbbzzb...   ...   ...   ...beep-boop: REVIEWING BOT A54F has malfunctioned, activating REVIEWING BOT A65N... ... ... There are two sections to this story so far: the time period when Veloce and Blackbird are already dating (ch. 1-20) and the time period when they first started interacting and liking each other (ch. 21-present). In the first section, we get a lot of light teasing and love-fighting and mushy emoting--the types of things you expect to see from couples that have grown comfortable with each other, but still flirt and prick at each other. The second section had Blackbird trolling Veloce instead of mutual teasing and seems to mainly be a story arc about Veloce coming out of feir shell and learning to interact better with others. There is a friend, Meron, who makes some cat-shaped curry and uses a cat umbrella. I found some of the attempts at cutesy interactions to feel a bit heavyhanded, and I also found it obnoxious how they had people excited to gawk at their friends' romantic lives. The background people and objects are very simplistic, but the focal characters are drawn with a lot of detail. They use a camou-style shading technique that I've seen before that evokes a sense of three dimensions. The faces are often serious and with hard lines, which makes them look like they're in a battle manhwa. But I think it works well here, and I much prefer this to them trying to make the characters look traditionally "cute" or something. The clothes and hair are excellently drawn and make these girls look absolutely beautiful. [Reviewed at chapter 38]

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