Am I Actually the Strongest?

Alt title: Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?

Vol: 11+; Ch: 89+
2019 - ?
3.668 out of 5 from 1,196 votes
Rank #20,394
Am I Actually the Strongest?

To be reincarnated into another world with the promise of a “cheat” power is one thing… but to be reborn as a baby, and then left for dead after your royal parents think you’re powerless?? That’s another thing entirely! Now the newly-born Reinhart—or Hart to his new friends—must find his way through a dangerous world…but luckily he’s got magic that’s quite literally off the charts!

Source: Kodansha

Content Warning

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Hnn~~nnnn, it's sorta funny and cute in its presentation, and a lot of the problems I will be complaining about are likely intended to be comedic in their absurdity (and might not bother others for that reason). First of all, what the fuck is a sound-emitting barrier? And why does Haruto act as though that's an obvious thing? And since when can barriers be used to make video recordings? Or be used to heal people? Or for teleportation? Or as alarms? Or to measure magical levels? Or whatever else fe fucking uses "barrier" magic for! It's stupid to create a premise (that fe uses barrier magic) only to then immediately disregard that premise. Also, it's stupid that fe hasn't realized that feir magic power is far greater than "2." I do think the round table of "knights" was pretty funny, and that aspect might have made Charlotte's otherwise annoying personality worth it. And the way that fe just sorta goes along with it, especially in regards to them thinking that fe's the reincarnation of the demon king, is pretty cute as well (and reminds me a bit of Overlord). I can see some comedic potential in the monster village, and especially in the blushing golem. The premise of fem striving to be the best hikikomori that fe can be (and failing at that endeavor) is an adequate set-up, though one I've seen used quite a bit as a way to show off over-powered characters. Like, I can appreciate how fe looks up to Liza for being a shut-in for 300 years, but I think the inclusion of the clone hasn't been helpful toward feir plans of slovenly living and has just created annoying confusions. The art is not very impressive. Several of the girls look quite similar. And some of the angles can look pretty awkward and stiff. [Reviewed at chapter 26]

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