All You Need Is Kill

Alt title: Edge of Tomorrow

Vol: 2; Ch: 17
4.267 out of 5 from 2,087 votes
Rank #1,647
All You Need Is Kill

Mankind is losing the war against the Mimics: mysterious, alien creatures that arrived without warning, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. Hope lies only with the United Defense Force, a military division that holds the front using special powersuits. In Japan, new UDF recruit Keiji Kiriya and his team are set to engage in a special mission to take back Mimic territory, joined by none other than the Full Metal Bitch: a legendary American soldier renowned for her red suit, special battleaxe and high body count. But after being mortally wounded on the battlefield, Keiji gets caught in a time loop that forces him to revisit the battle over and over, retaining his memories each time around. Now, Keiji must live, die, and repeat the same day, becoming a stronger soldier each time, in hopes of someday defeating this alien menace.

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All You Need Is Kill Some stories are good,some are good for relaxation,some try to mix the first two,but the masterpiece will always be the one that abides by its principles.Plain effiecient. There couldnt have been a better story involving time conundrum,war,mecha,some elements of a love story with a good twist and ending.The story itself is refreshingly unique and the elements of time loop are explained well.The story keeps the details to minimum about the settings,backgrounds etc.It would be little better if it had been elaborated,but it doesnt diminish the beauty of the story in any way.Overall the manga is quite short,could have been a little longer,but a masterpiece. The Art is amazing.The protagonist is similar to Light from Death note(same illustrator),and you get that familiar rise of heartbeat as the story progresses to its climax.The details done on the rest of the cast,Rita,the battle scenes are all very vivid. The characters just get stuck in you.I just loved each and every one of them.Keiji is just like Light from Death Note minus the delusion,analytical,sharp,his growth is potrayed very subtly,there isnt much of those 'war hero' moments,i dont hate them it just derails the seriousness of every war movie/anime/maga. Rita is amazing,i just loved the way her character comes into the story ,the cutesy side to her,the feeling she finally gets to share with Keiji,the ultimate soldier. Overall I would kill to have a sequel,but the story is just perfect,no unnecessary drama,just plain effecient story.If Only the Hollywood adaptation would stick to the original it would be worth dying for.


It may be short, but by no means does that mean it loses anything. All You Need is Kill somehow manages to sweep you up in a rollercoaster of a story in only 2 volumes, and I love it for that. Set in what appears to be the relatively near future, Earth has been invaded by Mimics. Once they take over an area, it becomes uninhabitable to humans, so they have been fighting against them for years. Unfortunatly, humans have made almost no headway in the fight against them. That is, except one team, who seem to be the only ones capable of fighting the Mimics. The main character, Keiji, one day wakes up from an extremely vivid dream of dying on the battlefield the day before he is set to go out onto the battlefield for the first time. Only he quickly discovers it was not a dream, but in fact he is looping back into the past at the point he dies. After he realises he cannot escape from the loop without surviving the fight with the mimics, he becomes determined to escape. This is an extremely psycological series, and it takes you on a serious emotional rollercoaster. Due to it's short length, of course there are many things that are not revealed, but everthying important is covered, and the ending feels very satisfactory. Within only a small length of time, I fell in love with the characters, the premise, and basically everything about this series. I would highly reccomend it to anyone who likes psycological and gory manga. Review for November 2016 DMMC


Esta cosa la conocí debido a la adaptación que le hicieron en live action hace años. Y la verdad no me agrada para nada. Va sobre un chico en el ejercito quien se queda atrapado en un bucle temporal  mientras pelea contra una invasión alienigena, a la vez que convive con una chica que tambien  quedó atrapada dentro del bucle con él, mientras todo a su alrededor se resatea cada vez que mueren. Si bien me han gustado obras sobre bucles temporales como es el caso de 12 monkeys, la manera en como se maneja esto en all you need is kill es igual de malo que en la pelicula. La obra es mas que nada una excusa para mostrar un montón de gente siendo brutalmente asesinada por los monstruos alienigenas que invaden la tierra junto a un montón de momentos cool de acción con personajes locos y badass. Lo que mas me desagrada es obviamente como todo termina con un reseteo de tiempo al final. Toda la pelea, la muerte y destrucción no tiene peso ya que de todos modos van a volver a como estaban. Y sí, ya sé que es porque los invasores resetean el tiempo para ganar experiencia y ganar cada vez mas terreno. Pero meh, a quien le importa, sigue siendo como re:zero en ese sentido, todo se resetea, y ganas experiencia. Puedo darle merito por hacer al duo portagonista cada vez mas desinteresado, nihilista y agresivo conforme avanza la historia, en lugar de ponerse a llorar como maricas cada momento como el prota de re:zero. Pasando primero por lo el miedo y la confusión a la locura y frialdad. Ademas que se ve muy genial, por las buenas coreografias que posee, por lo es bastante entretenido dentro de lo que cabe. El detallismo tanto en las armas y los trajes que rosan lo mecha. Asi como la imagineria en el diseño de los invasores dandole un aspecto lovecraftiano en lugar de uno antropomorfico. Pero poco o nada mas peudo anotar respecto al manga. Al final era obvio que encontrarían la solución al problema y todo volvería a la normalidad, pero ya que esto termina en un maldito reseteo de tiempo. Poco o nada me importa que la chica esa, aun con toda la mierda y cambio que pasó, ya que no existe tal desarrollo. Bueno, solo para concluir, es divertida, con estilo, posee una buena quimica entre el duo principal y un interesante desarrollo y concepto respecto al descenso al nihilismo. Pero ya que los personajes obtuvieron todo esto a lo re:zero sin perder casí nada, que los otros personajes valgan verga y que los villanos son monstruos sin personalidad, ummm, pues me queda una obra con buenas intenciones pero con falencias que vienen desde la premisa.

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