All-Rounder Meguru

Vol: 19; Ch: 178
2008 - 2016
3.88 out of 5 from 228 votes
Rank #7,827
All-Rounder Meguru

When they were children, Meguru and Takashi were good friends after they met at Takashi’s family dojo, but when Meguru’s grandfather died and he had to move away, their acquaintance was seemingly at an end. Now, seven years later, Meguru is in high school and nervously entering his first mixed martial arts tournament. Much to his shock, his first opponent is none other than Takashi, but when his old friend gives him the cold shoulder then spectacularly defeats him, Meguru is left feeling deflated. Now, with no idea what he wants to do after school, and with a desire to win at least one match, Meguru begins putting everything into training alongside the professionals at his gym. But does he have what it takes to become a great fighter and will he be able to improve enough to finally achieve victory?

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