All Hail Lady Blanche!

Alt title: Angnyeoneun Paemilliui Sungbaereul Batgo

Ch: 100
2022 - 2023
3.488 out of 5 from 498 votes
Rank #30,074
All Hail Lady Blanche!

To Blanche, everything seemed hopeless. Until she realized it was all a game. One she made, to be exact. Now she has a goal: Become the villain's right-hand man! But wait. Why is she the one saving him...?

Source: Pocket Comics

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Humorous but for all the wrong reasons.  I had to double-check if this was a manhua because of the sheer ridiculousness of the plot progression and the actions the characters take. I don't understand why they behaved like this and although I gave it my best effort, I really can't handle how the author wrote anyone or anything. It's one steaming pile of "what the fuck?" after the other. This isn't a spoiler-free review but I strongly suggest reading it just so you can evaluate for yourself the quality of the manhwa. In the first chapter, to avoid getting married to a horrible duke, the FL decides to jump to her death. But then, her falling to her death is illustrated as if she was leaping off a skyscraper and not the third floor or whatever of their family mansion. That was a quick solution to a problem and it seemed a little too easy for the FL to take. She somehow remembers that she was a developer for a mobile game, which is apparently the world she currently resides in now. With her memories restored, she decides to take vengeance for the cruel treatment by her family by uncovering their dirty secrets and slapping almost each and every offending party. I'm not kidding about the slapping - all the way to chapter 6, we get at least ONE slap between the characters. Why is physical punishment amongst nobles tolerable in the story? They don't even care who they slap. Did you offend me? Have my open palm on your face!! Damn. I really couldn't handle how the story was progressing at that point. Not to mention, the FL somehow has the key to all the things that serve as obstacles on her quest for vengeance. Broken legs? We have a rare magical ointment only she can access. Disrespectful maids? Slap them and threaten them for their petty pranks. Siblings who are bullies? She somehow can see their thoughts and stats through a game panel visible to her eyes.  Man.  I don't know, maybe I just read too much and I just have higher expectations for the quality of manhwas I want to read.  Dropped at Chapter 6.

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