Alive: The Final Evolution

Alt title: Alive: Saishuu Shinkateki Shounen

Vol: 21; Ch: 82
2003 - 2010
3.94 out of 5 from 989 votes
Rank #5,820
Alive: The Final Evolution

Taisuke Kanou is a student who's lived alone with his sister since the death of his parents years ago. Though he's often in the middle of a fight, Kanou lives a fairly typical life alongside his bullied friend Yuichi and the lovely Megumi - that is, until the suicides begin. Suddenly, around the globe, people have begun to kill themselves in throngs thanks to what people are calling a ‘suicide virus.' Once ‘infected,' a person either dies by his own hand or evolves and gains a special power. As Taisuke soon discovers, he's one of the evolved, as is Yuichi; but Yuichi, coerced by other ‘comrades' with similar powers, kidnaps Megumi and leaves with his newfound friends. Taisuke must now head north in an attempt to find Megumi and Yuichi, all the while encountering new friends and dangerous enemies along the way.

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