Alice 19th

Vol: 7; Ch: 40
2001 - 2003
3.646 out of 5 from 1,310 votes
Rank #7,696
Alice 19th

Alice Seno is a plain and ordinary fifteen-year-old girl, and that's exactly her problem. Perpetually overshadowed by her beautiful and popular older sister Mayura, Alice grows to resent her sister for being so perfect. But when Alice finds a rabbit while crossing the street one day, things change forever. The rabbit turns out to be a magical scout named Nyozeka who claims that Alice is a Lotis Master - a person capable of harnessing the power of words to enter people's hearts and dispel the darkness within. However, Alice accidentally uses this new power on Mayura, and she vanishes. Now, Alice must join forces with her handsome upperclassman Kyou and Lotis Master Frey to rescue Mayura and rid the world of the dark power of the Maram Words.

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Helbaworshipper's avatar
Helbaworshipper Feb 16, 2018
Score 8/10

What a day to review a story that inspired me a bit...  Being a younger sibling myself, I found some reason to really feel sympathy with the main character.  Now, without further ado...  Story: The general story of Alice 19th I believe is it's strongest asset.  The story of a shadowed sibling who doesn't know the power of her own decisions is a very powerful one.  The main... read more

raniok's avatar
raniok Apr 20, 2016
Score 10/10

omg this is the best manga ever! the plot line, the art, the characters. everything fit in perfectly. at first I didn't like the two main characters (alice and the boy) but after I read a little more, you just had to ship them :p everything was AWESOME read more



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