Vol: 4; Ch: 27
2018 - 2021
3.169 out of 5 from 250 votes
Rank #36,503

Tadashi met a mysterious Kemonomimi during his childhood one day. He had discovered that a girl with ears and a tail like a beast was falling down at a shrine, when checking if she was uninjured he gave her a candy ball that she that she seemed to really enjoy. After being pestered for a second one he gave her one and she repaid him with a kiss. Ten years have passed since then, and when he heard her voice calling himself, Tadashi visited the memorable shrine and strayed into a mysterious world.

Source: MU

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Right away, this manga is less of an isekai, and more of a spirited away-type situation. The protagonist enters a portal and is whisked away to another world, where he meets improperly dressed fox girls (slaves) who wear massive bricks on their hands and are super strong. Also, if you take the bricks off their hands they go into heat, so expect a lot, and I mean a lot, of fanservice. Aside from that, the plot if quite convoluted. Our MC finds a slave fox girl that he met when he was a kid and reactivates her forcefully repressed memories and stuff, except instead of reuniting they’re whisked into another portal which puts them in another place, and when they wrap up there, they enter another portal to another place, etc. There’s too much going on. Maybe I just don’t have affinity for this author, but it’s difficult to keep up with everything that’s happening. The pacing seems really rushed, and you never really have time to breathe before the next arc/fanservice scene. With that said, the art’s good, but by far the best part about this manga is the fantasy world. It’s not your cookie-cutter fantasy world in medieval Europe with magic, nah, this shit is high-fantasy Warhammer levels of specie and monster diversity. I just want to take the time to explore this world, but instead we’re constantly taken from one conflict to the next and ignore that aspect entirely. It’s so frustrating too, cause the world is right there, it looks so beautiful and interesting, yet here we are stuck with a dull MC and his harem of fox girls, who get wrapped in confusing conflict after confusing conflict, all to add one more 2-D fox girl to his harem. I really, really hope that the author takes the time to explore their fantasy setting more but given all that I’ve read so far (17 Chapters in English), I know he won’t, which is why I’ve dropped this manga despite reading all of the English releases.

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